How to watch the Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche NHL Playoffs game tonight: Game 6 livestream options, more (2024)


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How to watch the Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche NHL Playoffs game tonight: Game 6 livestream options, more (2)

The Dallas Stars face the Colorado Avalanche in Game 6 of the teams' NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs series. The Stars lead the series 3-2 and hope to close out the series tonight with a win. The Avalanche won't go down without a fight and aim to force a Game 7.

Keep reading for all the ways you can watch tonight's pivotal Stars vs. Avalanche game, even if you don't have cable.

Watch the NHL Playoffs on Sling TV

How and when to watch Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche Game 6

Game 6 of the Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs series will be played on May 17, 2024 at 10:00 p.m. ET (7:00 p.m. PT). The game will air on TNT and stream onSling TVand the platforms featured below.

How to watch the Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche Game 6 without cable

If your cable subscription doesn't carry TNT, or you've cut the cord with your cable company, you can still watch the playoffs. Below are the platforms on which you can watch today's NHL Playoffs game.

Save $25 on Sling TV: The most cost-effective way to stream the Stars vs. Avalanche game

If you don't have cable and you want to watch the today's game, one of the most cost-effective ways to stream playoff games is through asubscription to Sling TV.To watch hockey in the postseason, you'll need a subscription to the Orange + Blue tier.

Sling's Orange + Blue tier costs $60 per month, but the platform is currently offering $25 off the first month of any pricing tier, making the Orange + Blue tier $35 for the first month. You can cancel anytime.

Top features of Sling TV Orange + Blue tier:

  • Sling TV is our top choice to stream theNHL Playoffs.
  • There are 46 channels to watch in total, including ABC, NBC and Fox (where available).
  • You get access to NHL games airing on TNT and TBS, which Fubo doesn't carry.
  • All subscription tiers include 50 hours of cloud-based DVR storage.

Watch the NHL Playoffs now

Watch the Stars vs. Avalanche game for free on Max

Max,formerly known as HBO Max, is known for streaming top-tier HBO content like "Succession" and "House of the Dragon". Now, hockey fans can enjoy NHL Playoffs games on the streamer with the B/R sports add-on. You'll need a Max subscription to access B/R sports content like the NHL Playoffs and the NBA Playoffs. Some blackouts do apply.

A subscription to Max starts at $10 per month. The B/R sports add-on is currently free.

Watch today's game on Max

Hulu + Live TV/ESPN+ bundle: Watch the Stars vs. Avalanche game live for free

You can watch today's game with theHulu + Live TV/ESPN+ bundle. The bundle features 95 channels, including ABC, TNT, TBS, local network affiliates and ESPN. It also includesthe ESPN+ streaming service. Unlimited DVR storage is also included. Watch the 2024 NHL Playoffs, MLB this season and network-aired NFL games next season with Hulu + Live TV/ESPN+ bundle.

Hulu + Live TV comes bundled with ESPN+ and Disney+. It's priced at $77 per month after a three-day free trial.

Watch NHL hockey live

Fanatics has the latest NHL Playoffs fan gear

Rooting from home is more fun while repping your team with the latest NHL fan gear. Fanatics is our first stop for the newest NHL fan gear, our go-to for the latest drop of NHL Playoffs and NHL Finals merch like jerseys, commemorative T-shirts, hats and more. Fanatics also has just-released NFL Draft jerseys, like No. 1 overall draft pickCaleb Williams' new Chicago Bears jersey. Free shipping is available on orders over $24 (use code 24SHIP).

See the newest Dallas Stars fan gear at Fanatics

See the newest Colorado Avalanche fan gear at Fanatics

2024 NHL Playoffs: Full schedule

The second round of the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs is a best-of-seven series beginning on May 5, 2024.

Second round schedule

Below is the schedule for the second round of the 2024 NHL Playoffs. All times Eastern.

Eastern Conference

(1) New York Rangers vs. (2) Carolina Hurricanes

Game 1: |Rangers 4, Hurricanes 3|Recap
Game 2: |Rangers 4, Hurricanes 3(OT2) |Recap
Game 3: |Rangers 3, Hurricanes 2|Recap
Game 4: |Hurricanes 4, Rangers 3 |Recap
Game 5: |Hurricanes 4, Rangers 1 |Recap
Game 6: |Rangers 5, Hurricanes 3|Recap

New York wins the series 4-2

(1) Florida Panthers vs. (2) Boston Bruins

Game 1: |Bruins 5, Panthers 1|Recap
Game 2: |Panthers 6, Bruins 1|Recap
Game 3: |Panthers 6, Bruins 2 |Recap
Game 4: |Panthers 3, Bruins 2 |Recap
Game 5: | Bruins 2, Panthers 1 | Recap
Game 6: | Friday, May 17, TBD | at BOS| TV: TBD
Game 7*: |Sunday, May 19, TBD | at FLA| TV: TBD

Florida leads the series 3-2

Western Conference

(1) Dallas Stars vs. (3) Colorado Avalanche

Game 1: |Avalanche 4, Stars 3|Recap
Game 2: |Stars 5, Avalanche 3|Recap
Game 3: |Stars 4, Avalanche 1 |Recap
Game 4: |Stars 5, Avalanche 1 |Recap
Game 5: |Avalanche 5, Stars 3 |Recap
Game 6: | Friday, May 17, TBD | at COL| TV: TBD
Game 7*: |Sunday, May 19, TBD | at DAL| TV: TBD

Dallas leads the series 3-2

(1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (2) Edmonton Oilers

Game 1: |Canucks 5, Oilers 4|Recap
Game 2: |Oilers 4, Canucks 3 |Recap
Game 3: |Canucks 4, Oilers 3 |Recap
Game 4: | Oilers 3, Canucks 2 | Recap
Game 5: |Canucks 3, Oilers 2 |Recap
Game 6: | Saturday, May 18, TBD | at EDM| TV: TBD
Game 7*: | Monday, May 20, TBD | at VAN| TV: TBD

Vancouver leads the series 3-2

*if necessary

First round results

Below are the scores for the first round of the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Eastern Conference

(1) New York Rangers vs. (WC2) Washington Capitals

Game 1: |Rangers 4, Capitals 1|Recap
Game 2: |Rangers 4, Capitals 3|Recap
Game 3: |Rangers 3, Capitals 1|Recap
Game 4: |Rangers 4, Capitals 2|Recap

(2) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (3) New York Islanders

Game 1: |Hurricanes 3, Islanders 1|Recap
Game 2: |Hurricanes 5, Islanders 3|Recap
Game 3: |Hurricanes 3, Islanders 2|Recap
Game 4: |Islanders 3, Hurricanes 2 (2OT)|Recap
Game 5: |Hurricanes 6, Islanders 3|Recap

(1) Florida Panthers vs. (WC1) Tampa Bay Lightning

Game 1: |Panthers 3, Lightning 2|Recap
Game 2: |Panthers 3, Lightning 2 (OT)|Recap
Game 3: |Panthers 5, Lightning 3|Recap
Game 4: |Lightning 6, Panthers 3|Recap
Game 5: |Panthers 6, Lightning 1|Recap

(2) Boston Bruins vs. (3) Toronto Maple Leafs

Game 1: |Bruins 5, Maple Leafs 1|Recap
Game 2: |Maple Leafs 3, Bruins 2|Recap
Game 3: |Bruins 4, Maple Leafs 2|Recap
Game 4: |Bruins 3, Maple Leafs 1|Recap
Game 5: |Maple Leafs 2, Bruins 1 (OT)|Recap
Game 6: | Maple Leafs 2, Bruins 1| Recap
Game 7: |Bruins 2, Maple Leafs 1 (OT) | Recap

Western Conference

(1) Dallas Stars vs. (WC2) Vegas Golden Knights

Game 1: |Golden Knights 4, Stars 3|Recap
Game 2: |Golden Knights 2, Stars 1|Recap
Game 3: |Stars 3, Golden Knights 2 (OT)|Recap
Game 4: |Stars 4, Golden Knights 2|Recap
Game 5: | Stars 3, Golden Knights 2| Recap
Game 6: | Golden Knights 2, Stars 0| Recap
Game 7: | Stars 2, Golden Knights 1| Recap

(2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (3) Colorado Avalanche

Game 1: |Jets 7, Avalanche 6|Recap
Game 2: |Avalanche 5, Jets 2|Recap
Game 3: |Avalanche 6, Jets 2|Recap
Game 4: |Avalanche 5, Jets 1|Recap
Game 5: |Avalanche 6, Jets 3|Recap

(1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (WC1) Nashville Predators

Game 1: |Canucks 4, Predators 2|Recap
Game 2: |Predators 4, Canucks 1|Recap
Game 3: |Canucks 2, Predators 1|Recap
Game 4: |Canucks 4, Predators 3 (OT)|Recap
Game 5: |Predators 2, Canucks 1|Recap
Game 6: | Canucks 1, Predators 0 | Recap

(2) Edmonton Oilers vs. (3) Los Angeles Kings

Game 1: |Oilers 7, Kings 4|Recap
Game 2: |Kings 5, Oilers 4 (OT)|Recap
Game 3: |Oilers 6, Kings 1|Recap
Game 4: |Oilers 1, Kings 0|Recap
Game 5: | Oilers 4, Kings 3 | Recap

When are the NHL Stanley Cup Finals?

The Stanley Cup Final is currently scheduled to begin on June 3, 2024. That date could change based on the duration of the Stanley Cup Conference finals.

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How to watch the Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche NHL Playoffs game tonight: Game 6 livestream options, more (2024)
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