Comparing Options: A Breakdown of Different Types of VIA Rail Fares for Seniors (2024)

Traveling by train can be a convenient and enjoyable way for seniors to explore new destinations. VIA Rail, Canada’s national rail service, offers a range of fare options specifically designed for seniors. These fares provide discounts and benefits that make train travel more affordable and accessible for older adults. In this article, we will break down the different types of VIA Rail fares available to seniors, helping you make an informed decision when planning your next trip.

Regular Senior Fares

VIA Rail offers regular senior fares, which are discounted tickets available to passengers aged 60 and over. These fares provide seniors with significant savings on train travel across various routes in Canada. The regular senior fares are applicable to both economy class and business class seats, allowing seniors to choose the level of comfort that suits their preferences and budget.

One advantage of regular senior fares is flexibility. Seniors can book these tickets at any time without any restrictions on travel dates or times. This makes it convenient for those who prefer spontaneous trips or have fluctuating schedules.

Moreover, VIA Rail’s regular senior fares come with additional perks such as complimentary onboard Wi-Fi access, spacious seating areas, and the option to bring along one carry-on bag free of charge. These benefits enhance the overall travel experience and ensure that seniors can enjoy a comfortable journey from start to finish.

For seniors looking for even greater savings on their train journeys, VIA Rail offers Escape Fares exclusively for passengers aged 60 and over. Escape Fares are deeply discounted tickets that provide excellent value for money while still offering similar benefits as regular senior fares.

However, there is one key difference between Escape Fares and regular senior fares – Escape Fares have certain restrictions. These tickets are subject to availability on specific trains and departure times. Therefore, it is essential to plan ahead and book early to secure the best deals.

Despite the restrictions, Escape Fares can be an excellent option for seniors who have a fixed travel itinerary or are willing to be flexible with their plans. The significant savings gained from these fares make it worth considering, especially for budget-conscious travelers.

Prestige Fares

If you’re looking to indulge in luxury and comfort during your train journey, VIA Rail’s Prestige Fares are designed just for you. These fares offer a premium experience exclusively available on VIA Rail’s flagship train, “The Canadian,” which travels between Toronto and Vancouver.

Prestige Fares provide seniors with access to private cabins equipped with double beds, en-suite bathrooms, and panoramic views of the passing landscapes. Passengers also enjoy exclusive access to a dedicated concierge service, gourmet meals prepared by onboard chefs, complimentary alcoholic beverages, and access to exclusive lounges at select stations.

While Prestige Fares come at a higher price point compared to regular senior fares or Escape Fares, they offer unparalleled comfort and luxury throughout the journey. For seniors looking to treat themselves or celebrate a special occasion while traveling by train, Prestige Fares provide an unforgettable experience.

Unlimited Pass

For seniors who are avid travelers or planning an extended trip across Canada, VIA Rail’s Unlimited Pass is an excellent choice. This pass allows unlimited travel on VIA Rail trains within a specific time frame. Seniors can choose between 7-day passes or 10-day passes depending on their travel needs.

With the Unlimited Pass, seniors have the freedom to explore multiple destinations at their own pace without worrying about individual ticket prices or availability. This pass is especially beneficial for those planning multi-city trips or exploring different regions of Canada in one go.

It’s important to note that the Unlimited Pass has certain terms and conditions regarding seat availability and reservation requirements. It is advisable to make reservations as early as possible to secure preferred travel dates and times.

In conclusion, VIA Rail offers a range of fare options tailored to the needs of seniors. Whether you’re looking for discounted fares, luxury experiences, or unlimited travel possibilities, VIA Rail provides choices that cater to different preferences and budgets. By understanding the various fare options available, seniors can make informed decisions and embark on memorable train journeys across Canada.

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Comparing Options: A Breakdown of Different Types of VIA Rail Fares for Seniors (2024)


What's the difference between economy and economy plus on VIA Rail? ›

Economy Plus Class offers an upgraded experience compared to Economy Class. Passengers in this class benefit from enhanced seating comfort, including additional legroom and wider seats.

What does escape fare mean on VIA Rail? ›

The most affordable seats are in economy class. At times there are escape fares available, which are non-refundable, but a good deal. For example, an escape fare from Toronto to Montréal could be 103 CAD, while a normal economy fare is 127 CAD. Escape fares can be seen at the time of booking.

What is the difference between business and business plus on via? ›

The fare comparison page at Via Rail has the information you need. There is no difference in the onboard experience (nor the at-station experience such as using the lounge) at all. The only difference is in the flexibility of the fare - change fees and cancellation fees.

Can you sleep in economy on VIA Rail? ›

Economy class

Spread out and let the gentle motion of the train rock you to sleep while you glide through the wilderness. Extra blankets and pillows can be purchased.

How much is the fare difference between economy and premium economy? ›

The lowdown on Premium Economy

On average, you can expect Premium Economy tickets to cost approximately 1.5 to 3 times more. The big selling point for premium economy tickets is more space.

Which is better premium economy or economy plus? ›

Unlike Premium Economy, which is generally separated from Economy, Economy Plus is still part of the main cabin. The main difference is that you have a better seat, with more legroom, and your seat will be right at the front of the cabin.

Do you have to pay for baggage on VIA Rail? ›

Fee: $25 + tax per item and per direction. Surcharges for overweight or oversized items apply to checked baggage only. Any baggage that does not meet the weight or dimension criteria will systematically be subject to additional charges.

Can I bring my own food on VIA Rail? ›

You can bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks on the train. We also offer a selection of refreshments and food, prepared with carefully selected local products from Canadian artisans. Visit our meals section for more information about the options available for your class of service and route.

Is VIA Rail economy comfortable? ›

The Economy class of The Canadian train features two rows of comfortable seats. These seats come with reclining footrests and provide ample legroom to ensure a comfortable journey. You also have the unique opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the landscape from the expansive Skyline Car.

What is sleeper plus class on via? ›

Taking comfort to the next level. Private cabin and semi-private berth accommodations. Meals, snacks and beverages included. Priority boarding.

Is the train across Canada worth it? ›

There's nothing quite like taking the train across the vast, wild expanse that is Canada. From the relaxed, friendly pace onboard to the pristine wilderness outside your window, traversing Canada along the tracks is truly a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Do via trains have bathrooms? ›

Yes, there are washrooms on every VIA Rail train. There are showers on some of our trains, depending on the route. For long distance trains (e.g. the Canadian and the Ocean), private washrooms and shared shower rooms are available for cabins. Berths have access to a shared washroom and a shared shower room in each car.

What is a prestige cabin on VIA Rail? ›

In Prestige class, you'll get personalized service from a dedicated Prestige Concierge. You'll also stay in a spacious cabin with extra-large picture-windows, flat screen tv, and private washroom with shower. You can see some of the most amazing terrain in North America on The Canadian train.

Can you use a toilet on the train while at a station? ›

Passengers may be discouraged from flushing or using toilets while the train is at a station or standing at a red signal. To enforce this limitation, toilets may be automatically locked when the train pulls into a station or stops at a red signal.

Do VIA Rail seats recline? ›

Our roomy Business class cars offer reclining seats, ample leg room and power outlets for electronic devices.

What is the difference between economy and economy extra? ›

Whatever it's called, the economy plus seat is actually part of the economy cabin. But what sets these seats apart from the rest is a few extra inches of legroom, priority boarding, a better location at the front of the cabin, free alcoholic beverages, and free meal service, depending on your specific airline.

What is the benefit of economy plus? ›

For most travelers, the primary value-add is extra legroom, though Economy Plus also features seats near the front of the aircraft. The extra legroom is substantial. Though the exact seat pitch—the distance between you and the row in front of you—varies by aircraft.

What is the difference between economy standard and economy standard plus? ›

United restricts full-sized carry-ons for its basic economy tickets. Basic economy tickets are ineligible for refunds and don't include seat selection. Economy Plus features standard economy seats with extra legroom. Standard economy includes seat selection and a free carry-on.

Is economy Plus an upgrade? ›

Get extra legroom and a seat in front of the Economy sections with Economy Plus®. Economy Plus is available on all United flights and most United Express® flights. You can upgrade to an Economy Plus seat at any time from booking to check-in.

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